Photography & Videography services

Photography & videography for all your marketing needs: Seensocial provides photography and videography services for clients through our sister company, England Studios. With over 20 years experience in the digital imaging industry, we are able to set up and manage all your photography and video requirements, from shooting portraits and press shots, to managing teams of photographers and videographers at live events. We can also produce animation and branded stock footage relating to your industry and marketing requirements.

Press photography

Press photography: Make sure you present your best possible business side to the media through our press photography services. We cover any event, large or small, to ensure your images and video requirements are professionally covered. For examples of our press photography, see here: 

Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising: We can manage all your photography shoot requirements, from hiring models and make-up artists for lifestyle or advertising shoots. We can also provide specialist lighting and editing services for perfect results every time. See more of our projects here: 

Food & beverages

Food & Beverages: Make sure your imagery does justice to your produce. Food and beverages photography requires specific lighting and styling skills to get the best results. We can help. Check out the work we have done with our sister company, England Studios.


Interiors: We provide specialist interior photography through our partnership with England Studios. We have worked with a number of fashion houses, shooting their boutiques and we also provide interior photography for commercial property companies and construction businesses. Check out our recent projects here:


Events: From Formula 1 to the ballet, to weddings, conferences, concerts and fashion shows. We are ready for, and experienced in all event eventualities. Call us for a chat today regarding your photographic and video requirements. See more of our events visuals here: 


Automotive: We have worked with some of the biggest brands on the business and are experienced in all areas of automotive photography. See some examples here:  From on-the-road and track events to studio shoots, to creating lifestyle shots for car brands, we provide specialist services for all your automotive requirements.

Video content

As part of our social media management services, we create all types of social media digit content. This means your social media platforms always look current, interesting and professional. From videography and photography to animation and designed, branded social media posts and more, we work with you to represent your brand, not just through promotional content, but through creating trending social media content too.

Slide video

Animation promos


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