Web design Suffolk: Your website is your online point of sale.  It tells the world not just what you sell, but who you are. Your website represents your brand and services to a global audience. And just like any industry, website design develops at a fast pace. It’s important to ensure that your build is carried out to the latest specifications and you have reliable servicing you can call on when required.

Your website also needs to be responsive. That means the look and feel is as good on mobile devices as it is on tablets, small-screened laptops and large desktop screens.

Your website on these devices needs to be fast as well. One major downfall for websites is one that performs well on a computer but is sluggish on a mobile phone. Mobile phone website versions are already slower to load because mainly they are doing so via 3G or 4G technology. So your website mobile version needs to be tweaked to address this issue.


It’s essential to have a fast, good-looking website that represents your brand well online. But there’s little point in investing finances in a website that now one sees, no matter how slick it is.

All websites require SEO. Search engine optimization – both on site and off site, are two essential elements to getting your business online leads. We manage both forms of SEO for you, in comprehensive and cost-effective packages that will help push your website towards online visibility and success.

Once your website has been created,  book some packages in SEO to help improve your market visibility. Check out more of our web design Suffolk tips for better website management at the Seensocial blog


We aim to provide a cost-effective solution for small to medium-sized businesses by creating great websites that can be serviced and updated to ensure continued reliability.

We only host websites with tried and tested, WordPress managed services – so you can get 24/7 support when required, We also keep a close eye on the market and make sure you are getting the best deals on hosting for your wesbite.

Meet with an experienced member of our team to discuss your online requirements. We’ll walk you through the process and make suggestions on the latest software available for your particular industry.  Do you require and online booking service? Or is your site purely e-commerce? Perhaps you need a digital portfolio to advertise your services in the creative field.

Whatever your requirements, we can provide an enthusiastic and reliable service that guides you towards great quality web presence. Our additional development services include white hat SEO, Google Adwords management, hosting and website technical support.

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