Social Media Listening & Consulting Reports

Our consulting services aren’t just about general advice on how to manage your social media pages and accounts more effectively. We take an in-depth look at what your direct competitors are doing, and which direction your industry leaders are taking to create successful campaigns.

A Social media listening and consulting report will show you:

  • Where your company is right now in terms of social media management
  • What your competitors are doing – and what works for them
  • How your industry leaders are making their social strategy appeal to large audiences
  • Which social media platforms are the best to develop for your industry at this point
  • What steps you need to take to create an effective social media management system that works for you and your business

We carry our extensive research and provide you with a unique guide to making your social media bigger and better than it’s ever been before. We also look at the most successful platforms for your industry, and we advise on content strategy, daily management, data analysis, advertising budgets and more.

Very often, our consulting reports are only the beginning. Companies also hire us to visit on site and teach social media management. They may also outsource some of the trickier or more time consuming tasks to us for management. Either way, there are valuable lessons to be learned from having a professional evaluation carried out on your digital and social media platforms.



Consulting services play an important role in our relationship with clients and their journey towards successful social media marketing. Social media management is a huge industry with several major platforms that all companies can benefit from utilizing.

An in-depth consultation on a companies’ own progress with social media, and a broader look at that particular industries’ trends, helps create focus and build a strong and strategic way forward.


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