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Frequently Asked Questions Seensocial Suffolk: So, you’re looking for help with your social media management and marketing, but you’re not sure where to start? Social media is a huge industry – the biggest online industry on the planet. And its value as a marketing tool has by far exceeded the old below the line marketing methods to reach your audience.

Q: Should I use every social media platform?

A: No.

Naturally you want to increase your business visibility. And using every social media platform available to you seems like a good idea. But wait. User discretion advised. Because unless you have a huge amount of resource and manpower to manage those platforms, it’s actually better to focus on those that appeal most to your particular customer demographic.

Ultimately, managing each platform for social media comes with quite a chunk of planning and work. And frankly, a poorly managed platform that hardly gets any updates and looks neglected, is worse for your business than no presence on that platform at all.

Q:How do I find out which social platform is best for my business?

A: By being strategic about it

A good place to start would be a maximum of three platforms that really harness the engagement of your audiences. One really good way to find out where your audience is, would be to carry out a social listening report. A social listening report is when you enlist a marketing company to carry out data analysis on which areas of the internet and social media platforms are most active, when talking about your industry.

Once you have that data, you will know which social media platforms your potential customers frequent. Once you know which platforms are most likely to perform well for you, you can start to devise a plan of action.

Q: What’s the best way to set up a social media page for a business

A: Be consistent

It’s very important that you maintain brand strength across each of your platforms. For example, if you are a gastro pub, each social media handle – or name, should reflect that as closely as possible. Keep the names and the branding as uniform as possible.

Fill out all the fields and be as detailed as possible, where applicable. Make the most of the space you are given to list your business. For example, add the main emails and website address – obviously, but on platforms like Facebook, there is a whole page of text open to you where you can introduce your business to visitors. Add images. Write a clear, concise and catchy introduction to your business so that potential customers can easily identify with your brand and concept.

Q: How often should I post to my social media accounts?

A: As consistently often as possible.

But that comes with the caveat that your content must also be good. If you are just posting any old news to maintain social posting consistency, you won’t get the engagement you need to drive your business forward.

Plan your social strategy to include a workable posting schedule, that will include creative content which resonates with your audiences. Twice a day posting to Facebook, for example, is optimum. But it’s very time consuming if you are going to do the job properly. Make sure the commitment you make to your social media platforms is sustainable and not overly ambitious. Of course, you can always outsource the task to a professional company like us, who will manage it all for you instead.

Q: What’s a social media calendar? And is it necessary?

A: Yes, It’s essential.

Because failing to plan, is planning to fail. Or so the old saying goes. A social media calendar can be as detailed or a basic as you like, but it needs to outline the types of content you will be regularly posting on any given day throughout the year. It’s very helpful because it gives your marketing team pointed in terms of which content they should be generating for any given month or season.

No opportunity to create resonating content should be missed. For example, if your company specializes in sustainable products, your calendar should detail all the national and international days related to saving the planet and the earth. Equally you can give shout outs to various events happening – tagging in those events and getting yourselves noticed for your support of them. But a calendar also shows you when a catchy quote or tip or question to your audience is all that’s needed on any given day. That’s the thing about being sociable and having a conversation. It must never be one-sided sales talk.

Q: Why should I outsource my social media to another company

A: Because they know what they are doing.

They can also dedicate the time required for building an engaged audience for your business. Social media management and marketing is time consuming and uses a lot of manpower. From the social media listening and analysis, to the setting up of platforms, the forward planning, and then the day to day management of those postings. Don’t forget the monitoring of the data analysis that is required, so that promotions can be effectively generated and run.

Q: How much time will it take before I see results?

A: That depends on how much you are willing to put into it.

And that refers to financial investment as well as services. For example, these days, platforms like Instagram and Facebook as well as LinkedIn for business, require financial investment in terms of packages and advertising to get results.

Starting a Facebook business page from scratch isn’t easy. You’ll need to reach a minimum number of followers before you even qualify for advertising. That takes time and patience. The minimum time you should give any marketing strategy a go, is three months. The first three months are the hardest in terms of gathering engagement. But realistically, six months to a year will give you a better idea. Social media audiences take time to build. It’s a slow burn. It can’t be rushed. But it’s also a massive investment in your future business.

At Seensocial, we don’t carry out social media management for clients for less than three months at a time. Our other services can be purchased as one off services though.

Q: What will a strong social media presence add to my business?

A: Try, a future?

Dramatic as it sounds, if your business isn’t investing in its online presence, it will eventually die a death. That’s because the future of marketing is now almost purely online. And as your current customers get older and disappear, they won’t be replaced, because you won’t be appealing to the younger generation of potential customers.

Equally, a strong online presence is an investment that gives your company much more worth. If you spend time and money developing your online visibility correctly, it will, with total certainty, bring you in more business. Your company will be far more attractive to investors – and should you wish to sell it, will also command much more for the sale.

Q: What type of content works best on social media?

A: That depends on what your audience respond to

You can find this out through a social listening report – and a social media analysis report. These can be outsourced to specialist companies. We offer this service at Seensocial. The report looks at your closes market competitors and runs detailed studies on the types of content they are responding to from your competitor marketing strategy. It makes a lot of sense to do this from the get-go. That what you can plan all your content according to the optimum interests of your audience.

And of course, keep your content varied and interesting. One client we worked with was a high-end breeder of world class racehorses. We looked at their competitor data and discovered that the most successful of them shared a lot of human/anima interest content, as well as all the industry racing results. It’s essential to appeal to the human side of your audience. So varied content, the human side of your business and conveying a genuine interest in your industry, will increase your audience engagement.

Q: You design and manage websites. How does that work?

A: Yes. We host, build and manage your website for you

Websites are an essential part of any business these days. So, you want to get it right first time, and save yourself a lot of hassle sometime down the road. We focus on website speed, look and functionality. We build websites according to SEO best practices. And we only host with managed WordPress servers.

This means your website won’t get out of date (and get hacked and ruined). We can also update your content for you – including maintaining your blog – which should also be added to on a regular basis.

Q: What SEO services do you offer?

A: Our websites are always built with SEO optimization in mind

But SEO is a massive field that requires off-site work too. Not only that, but managing your website means that any changes made to it, will be with SEO in mind. For example, did you know that one of the biggest problems faced by non-professionally managed websites is speed? Google needs your website to load in less than 1.5 seconds for it to be taken seriously in the search engines.

A sluggish website will never reach page 1. And that’s where your business needs to be. Poorly optimized images being added to a website, slow it down – and affect the ranking.

Off-site SEO involves making the most of search engine capabilities by creating brilliant profiles for your business in directories such as Google My Business. We also maintain your directory profiles so that they stay fresh and current.

Keyword analysis is essential for getting your content seen in the right searches. We make sure all our content is compliant with the keywords your website requires to score well.

SEO is a massive area of expertise, with hundreds of ways to optimize your online presence.

Q: What about Facebook advertising and Google Adwords?

A: Yes, we can manage that for you too

It’s really important to have a comprehensive service taking care and analyzing your analytics. This way, we can analyze your keywords, see where your website traffic is coming from, and tailor your advertising based on the correct data.

Facebook advertising is a minefield when it comes to methods and correct ways of doing things. But one thing we always insist on is adding a Facebook website to your website – and analyzing all data to confirm the demographics of your various campaigns.

Q: What kind of video and photography services do you provide?

A: A comprehensive one that supports your online marketing

A huge part of creating a beautiful website, relies on the photography and video supplied for it. If you need good images of your premises and staff, we can provide that. These images can be optimized for your website, your social media and your Google My Business profiles. Not only that, but if you also have printed marketing materials, they are 100% suitable for this as well.

You own the rights to the images. Our photographers supply them in digital formats suitable for both online and offline use.

In terms of video, we can supply you with promotional videos tailored to your business. Video advertising is increasingly popular on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You’ll notice that videos od three minutes in length or more, or videos of 15 seconds or less, are massively favoured on Facebook right now. Creative videos that can tell a story, or create an impact within a limited timeframe, is the key to success.

Our videos utilize high quality stock footage and graphics, can be tailored perfectly to your brand – and if you also have good quality footage, we can edit that so it can be used in several different ways.

This service means even the smallest companies can make use of video services to promote their businesses online.

We can also supply videographers for larger projects.


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