FIVE REASONS why your business needs Instagram

FIVE REASONS why your business needs Instagram

FIVE REASONS why your business needs Instagram: It’s been really hard to write this blog, because there are so many more reasons to use Instagram than just five. But here are the main ones we think sell Instagram best.


  • Instagram is getting bigger – and bigger

It’s Facebook’s biggest competitor for audiences. The audience is younger too. The average audience on Instagram is 25-35 – so, if you’re only using Facebook (average audience 35 to 45) you are missing out on an huge demographic. Instagram is the world’s fastest emerging social media competitor to Facebook. While Facebook started the social networking ball rolling all those years ago, Instagram is the confident and hipster younger sibling. It is now also owned by Facebook and it’s full of ambition and drive. Instagram has an estimated 1 billion users worldwide. It’s continuing to grow at a positively alarming rate. No wonder Facebook bought them out. If you can’t beat them, buy them!


  • Instagram is super-flexible when it comes to content

Instagram provides multimedia posting options in the most convenient format ever. Because it’s limited to mobile devices, it’s at your audience’s fingertips at all times. Not only that, but now Instagram offers Instagram Stories, Instagram TV – and Instagram for business. This allows you to promote your content to the demographic of your choice. With video and image sharing, plus all the filters and editing tools that made Instagram so popular to begin with, this social media platform is brilliant and helping users present their content in a unqiue and quirky way.


  • Instagram engagement is awesome

Instagram helps far more people see your posts than any other social media platform because engagement is massive. One of the best things about Instagram is the capabilities you have to increase engagement on your content. Instagram offers over 40 times the engagement that Facebook does. Have you noticed how difficult it is to get your Facebook posts noticed unless you promote them? It’s totally different with Instagram. Because of the hashtag system means people who don’t follow you can still see your posts. The algorithm rewards your interactions with greater coverage of your posts too. The more you put in effort wise, the more you receive. For example, if you make use of Instagram Stories and Instagram TV, you’ll likely reach a much wider audience than just the people sharing your news feed. Equally, if you make a habit of visiting your relevant hashtags and interacting with other posters, your content will get noticed more too. Unlike Facebook, which has become a platform entirely about generating funds for Facebook Ads, Instagram rewards hard work and communication with getting your posts seen and appreciated.


  • Instagram can make your business much more personable

Instagram is as much about the personal as it is about the professional. And a mix of the two is a winning combination. Instagram give you the chance to add the personal touch to the face of your business. Introduce your team, show snippets from your work day, add posts about your latest projects and new goals. If your brand does charitable initiatives, Instagram is a great platform to share this news. It gives your brand a personality and heart. It makes your brand identifiable.


  • Instagram improves SEO and adds value to your business

From a business perspective, you can check out what your competitors are doing – and vice versa. Interestingly,  Instagram is used as a platform to check out the profile of companies online. Because the website link is attached to the bio, users will find they have been sought out via their profiles. Potential customers want to get a feel for the business they are seeking out. When you have a strong following and lots of interaction on your Instagram profile, that is a reference for your services. A strong social media following will boost your company’s sale value. Your investment in your social media marketing results in a great footprint for your brand. When you have a genuine and loyal following online, that serves to increase the value of your brand and business as a whole.

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