Blogging tips for the time-pressed marketeer

Blogging tips for the time-pressed marketeer

Blogging tips for the time-pressed marketeer: Everyone who has a website, should have a blog on that website. We all know how important blogging is for SEO. Yes, it’s a slow burn. It takes a long time to produce content that pushes your site up through the ranks on Google. However, embracing your blog is like a long term relationship. And that is how it should be managed too.

If you leave it, neglect it, and the content will get old and stale. It won’t produce the results you want. Unless you have a dedicated person taking care of your blog on a regular basis, it won’t be successful.¬† You won’t be able to keep up the honeymoon period pace for long!

Therefore, we’ve put together some tips on how you can maintain your blog. We’ve included ways to keeping it fresh. And we’ve added tips on including those vital keywords on a regular basis, without taking a chunk out of your week. This is called blogging on a time-sensitive basis!

1# Schedule in that blog

Choose a day, once a week, or once a fortnight, when you know you can spend  an hour, writing a blog. Everyone has at least one hour every fortnight to write a blog. Have a timetable of your weekly work in front of you, and try to make sure that your stick to it as best you can.

Marketeers often have dozens of small, but time consuming jobs to do on a daily basis, like checking the CRM, getting mailing lists updated, managing the social media content and so on. It’s easy to forget about the blog. But it’s really important for your website to maintain it too.

2# Stick to the basic blogging requirements

The ideally managed blog is a massively time-consuming project. Ideally, you would be producing wonderful, quality content on a daily basis – and you’s be sharing that content to your business database, on social media and so on. Your blogs would also be a fantastically interesting mix of creative content, from industry news to videos. Each blog would also be around 1,000 words long…

Now back to reality. Set a realistic goal. You only have an hour, once a week, or once every two weeks, to write that blog. Make an editorial list so that you know what to write about in advance. And when you sit down to write your blog, aim to keep it to 500 words. A blog only needs to be 300 words to be SEO friendly. If you stick to a 500 word limit, it’s very doable to pack in those vital keywords, and not look you’ve written a repetitive piece of rubbish.

3# Add four external links to your blog

To write your blog, draw on your own knowledge and experience, and link your blog back to two previous blogs you have already written. This strengthens your own website structure. Then make a point of hyper linking your blog out to two relevant and credible news sources that relate to your blog subject. This also strengthen’s your website. If you have two sources, you have further info that will help you to add content to your blog. Don’t ever copy and paste your content. Google hates duplicated content and you will be penalized. Do re-write what you’ve found – and credit the source by linking the reader to that site.

4# Blogs are always worth writing

An hour a week, or an hour every two weeks, is not really enough to allow you to properly market your content. That’s not to say it’s not worth doing though. Adding to your blog makes Google see that your site is being updated regularly with fresh content. If you have visitors to your site, they can also see that you’ve been conscientious and organised enough about your business to add content to the website.

This gives you credibility. So, even if you can’t push out that blog to the CRM database, and your don’t even have time to post it to Instagram, Linked in or the business Facebook page , you will still have done three vital things. Number 1, added fresh content to your website (Google happy) added keywords to your website (Google happy) and you have added links both internal and external links to your website – strengthening it (Google happy again).

5# Your blog creates shareable content

Just because you don’t have time to share your blog with a million fans today, doesn’t mean you won’t find time to do it on another occasion. You can always re-post or post past blogs and refer fans back to your website. If there is a relevant reason for doing this, it’s never been easier to find your best content.

Imagine it’s Thanksgiving, and your company sells table decorations. You haven’t had time to write a new blog – so post your previous year’s blog as a social media post and refer fans back to your website with your own content, rather than posting someone else’s newer link. Better still, post both. Or, re-visit your original blog, re-write it and re-post it as new content. All the information is there – it just needs a little updating.

Professional blogging services Suffolk

Hiring a professional blogging service is another option of course. If, you don’t have time to manage your blog as efficiently as an iPhone production line, a professional blogging service can help.

At Seensocial, our bloggers all have professional editorial, journalist backgrounds. That means they know how to put together a great, industry relevant article. It also means they are talented enough to work in those essential keywords, which give your blog it’s search engine fuel.

Our blogging service includes editorial planning and article research. We also source appropriate high quality images, optimize them for your blog, upload the content and include all the SEO mechanisms to ensure your blog gets indexed and ranks well in Google. Contact us today for more information on our professional blogging services.

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