3 reasons why you need a professional copywriter

3 reasons why you need a professional copywriter


3 reasons why you need a professional copywriter: Picture the scene. It’s your wedding day. The sun is shining, the champagne is cooling and you’re about to walk into life’s next chapter.  No expense has been spared, even though lots of kind friends and family offered to pitch in, in order to shave off the budget. Just take Cousin Joan’s offer to knock up a wedding cake, and Uncle Frank’s suggestion that you save a few bob by using his ‘vintage’ vehicle. Reasonable suggestions but you decided to pass. Why? Well, despite Cousin Joan’s culinary expertise and Uncle Frank’s banger supercar, when it came to your big day, there was no room for mistakes.

You should apply the same rule when it comes to the copywriting for you business. Just like you didn’t entrust Cousin Joan with your six-tiered masterpiece, you shouldn’t trust just any Tom, Dick or Harry to do your copywriting, and here’s why…

1# Accuracy in content is vital

A professional copywriter needs to have an outstanding grasp spelling, grammar, sentence structure and punctuation. By outstanding, we mean 99.9 percent perfect 99.9 percent of the time. They also need know when to follow the rules of English perfectly and when it’s okay to deviate a little in order to craft something appealing for the reader. Let’s face it, nobody wants their press release to be the one that sends the journalists to sleep.

2# Copywriting is a trained skill

If you were handed a canvas and some watercolours, would you be able to paint a picture of the landscape from your office window? If you were a practiced watercolour artist, probably. If not, unlikely. Writing is the same. It takes skills, the kind of skill that results from years of practice and firsthand experience. Just because a person knows how to string a sentence together, it doesn’t mean they know how to write engaging and informative copy that is going to appeal to your audience and bag you the much-needed publicity you need for you business.

 3# It’s convenient because writing content is time consuming

When you’re running a business you don’t have time to do everything yourself, or to check up on everything your employees and contractors do. Your time is valuable and effective writing is a time-consuming task. By hiring a professional copywriter, you’ll be able to focus on other tasks, while the writer does what he or she does best, write.

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