Guest blogging and why you need it

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Guest blogging and why you need it: We get asked a lot about the best way to populate a website with content. And our go to answer is always; “have a blog.” But while that’s the simple response, there are challenges to consider when generating content for your website, especially if you have limited time and budgets. Guest blogging, in this, case, can help you with both these issues.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is when you have someone from another business or organisation, create a blog post for your website. It often seems like a strange suggestion, given you’re supposed to be the expert on what you do. But there are several benefits to getting other businesses to create content for your website.

Who can I ask to guest blog for me?

Finding the right guest bloggers is essential. You can’t just ask anyone to create content for your site – and nor should you. The people who guest blog for you must have a relevant connection to your industry and be willing work with you. For example, if you sold pancakes, you wouldn’t ask the pancake maker up the road to write a guest blog for you, because they are your direct competitor. However, you could ask your local flour supplier for a blog. A piece about the best types of flours to use for healthy pancakes, for example, would work perfectly for your website content.

Make a list of relevant business contacts who could provide interesting information related to, but not in competition with your business. Your suppliers are a good place to start, as are your clients if your industry is service based. Local celebrities (in this case the local champion pancake tosser ) could all make an interesting contribution to your blog.

Why would someone write a blog for me?

That’s easy. It’s good exposure for them – and you’ll have an agreement to share their website link on the guest blog post, so readers can click to it. They should also agree to have a reciprocal link on their website and social media, linking to your website. That way, you gain valuable backlinks with relevant connections – an invaluable asset when it comes to SEO and Google.

What if the guest blogger isn’t keen on actually writing the blog?

Not everyone is a natural writer. Not everyone has the time to put together a blog post. But most people are keen to guest blog, because it’s a mutually beneficial digital asset. So, if your guest blogger doesn’t actually want to write the content themselves, there are a few other things you can try.

  •  Write the blog yourself and get them to approve the content prior to publishing it.
  • Send them a list of questions to answer, like a magazine Q&A to make the writing process easier for them.
  • Pay a freelance writer to write the blog for them.

Guest blogging pointers

  • The more established the guest blogger (say, for the sake of argument, you’re asking the VP of McDougalls Flour to submit your blog) the more valuable the connection to their website will be. This means that although you’ll probably have to jump through some hoops to get their blog post completed and then linked on their website, it will definitely be worth the effort.
  • Not all guest blogging is cost-free. Obviously, if you’re looking for high-end influencers to contribute to your website – and feature your link on their platforms, it’s likely that fees will be involved.
  • Guest blogging is not the easy alternative to maintaining your blog yourself. Guest blogging is a way to enhance your SEO and give you some free content occasionally. If you’re a small business, it’s likely that you only work with a small selection of business partners, and once you’ve exhausted them, finding guest bloggers beyond that scope will be challenging. So, it’s important to remember to maintain your blog too – and make it an attractive platform that people will want to contribute to.

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