5 ways to boost your business during lockdown

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Boost your business during lockdown: For so many businesses globally, the words ‘lockdown’ have brought an impending sense of doom to company owners and employees alike.

That’s hardly surprising, considering it means a massive loss of business transactions, global financial chaos and the prospect of a recession on the other side of the pandemic. We’re not down-playing this one folks!

BUT, don’t let fear hold you back from using this time to access opportunities you didn’t have time to work on before. There are always silver linings – and there are many more at a time of crisis than you would think. With the UK government offering excellent bailout terms for employees and businesses, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have your business up and ready for action, once the crisis calms.

One thing we should all bear in mind is that markets are forever changing. Like the waves during as storm at sea, right now, it’s a rough ride. But eventually the storm will end, and our economy will only achieve swift recovery, if our business owners are ready to rise again.

So, here are our five top tips for making your business more efficient during lockdown.

Work on your SEO

Right now, you can put a lot of resources into your online presence. Making sure your website is visible and ranking well, should be your number one priority. Lockdown won’t last forever. Get your blog in order. Add posts twice a week, collect up a database of useful keywords. Re-vamp your website so it’s faster. Make sure all your images are optimised and correctly tagged and labelled. All this takes time. Now, time is exactly what you have.

Train up your employees

Employee training that has been too-long neglected, can now begin in earnest. Just because your staff can’t leave their houses, doesn’t mean they can’t improve their skills. Check out the huge range of online classes available now and get them learning valuable new skills. Online webinars, courses by Udemy and more, are vital resources you can utilize, without spending a fortune. Investing in your employees at this difficult time, will also make them feel better valued and appreciated, which means you’ll have a positive workforce at your disposal once the machine starts up again.

Fix up your workspace

When you’re busy working every day, very often, the work-space gets neglected. Take this time to assess all the changes you’d like to implement – and action them where possible. This might simply mean a mega deep clean and lick of fresh paint. Or it might mean complete renovations. Naturally, budgets will be tight. But right now is the perfect opportunity to look for more economical solutions.

Boost your social media

Work on your digital presence though creating content and pushing it out there. Now is exactly the right time for you to really look at the past data of your customers and work on a strategy that gets your business a better online following. Let’s face it – usually, you are so busy, your social media gets neglected. Now is the perfect opportunity to get your brand out there.

Re-assess your business capabilities

A crisis is an incredible opportunity for you to diversify your services. Perhaps you’ve been thinking for a while that you should get more of your services online – but have been too busy to action it? There’s no better time than the present – especially when everyone is changing their priorities.

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