THREE WAYS: How to create an amazing LinkedIn company page

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Building an audience on a social media platform these days is a challenging prospect. Not only do many (Facebook particularly) require promotional assistance to get off the ground, but there are so many aspects to setting up a profile properly too. Getting the job done well can be a time consuming and challenging process.

LinkedIn particularly, requires a number of fields and details, not only for personal pages but for your company profile too. Here are three ways you can put together a great company page – and grow your following too.

Create an amazing LinkedIn company page About Us section

The About Us section of your company page will be the very first place visitors stop at when they investigate your business. Make sure the About Us section is well-written and includes a number of relevant keywords.

The introductory paragraph should be succinct and to the point, answering as many questions about your business as possible.

Use simple, accessible language – you’re not trying to be clever here. Talk about your business aims and focus. A good rule of thumb is to include these details in a section of no more than 250 words. Remember, time is of the essence. Generally speaking, the attention span of any social media user these days is painfully short. Your content must grab their attention fast. And in order to do that, it must be relevant.

  1. Who you are
  2. Your business location
  3. What you offer
  4. Your company philosophy
  5. Contact details

Just because your About Us section is to the point, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Play around with writing style. Too business-like and you may come across as completely unmemorable. Instead, employ a tone that is friendly but professional.

Branding branding branding

Your identity online is inherently associated with your branding. So make sure your LinkedIn company profile stays true to this. Upload your profile image in the correct formats so that it’s the same visuals people are seeing across the board of your digital presence.

That means your LinkedIn company page needs to be uniformly branded. Making your business profile as identifiable as possible is one of the best ways to create an amazing LinkedIn company page. You can use the banner section to add a personalized company image that also includes text about your business. Think about it being a sort of online billboard. Attractive images are great. But combine them with a couple of lines about your services, as soon as someone lands on your page, they will absorb that information before even reading your About Us bio.

Specs for LinkedIn profile images

•           300 x 300 pixels

•           PNG format

•           Maximum 8 MB

•           Square layout

Specs for LinkedIn banner images

•           1536 x 768 pixels

•           PNG format

•           Maximum 8 MB

•           Rectangular layout

Keep your content relevant

One of the problems people have with LinkedIn is its rather serious approach to the social media table. LinkedIn, unlike any other platform, is totally geared towards professionals and the business market.

People on LinkedIn do not share the latest memes and gifs. And any content like this that is shared on the platform, simply doesn’t do well.

Content on LinkedIn should have a professional slant always. That doesn’t mean your content can’t contain some humour. But the humour needs to be related to your professional message.

When creating content for LinkedIn, consider the following qualities.

  1. Be informative
  2. Be professional
  3. No humour for humour’s sake
  4. Branded content
  5. Share blog posts
  6. Use micro-content

LinkedIn is the perfect place to share your company blogs, for example. While organic reach on Facebook has dwindled terribly over the past three years, LinkedIn still provides a reasonable amount of reach, depending on the number of followers you have accrued. So, create an amazing LinkedIn company page by filling it with your best and relevant business news.

The more often you post, the more impressions and newsfeeds your content will reach. Therefore it is still possible to grow your audience without spending a fortune on LinkedIn ads.

In our next blog on Linkedin, we’ll be discussing how you can grow your audience -not just through content, but through strategy. Seensocial is a social media agency based in Suffolk. We specialize in content creation, professional blogging services, website design and maintenance, and more. For more information, visit us via

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