FIVE reasons why you need the Facebook Pixel

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‘Facebook what?’ The amount of times we’ve encountered baffled expressions when we’ve mentioned the Facebook P word are too numerous to count. But newsflash – if you don’t have a Facebook pixel, you are missing out.

What might you be missing out on, you ask? Well, data, and lots of it. And without data, we can’t really target our adverts efficiently. And so, we’re also losing out on potential revenue – and money is probably being wasted to a degree on your promotions too. Essentially, your business will be missing out on ROI’s on your social media promotions. And nobody wants that now, do they? Read on and find out more about the magical Facebook pixel and how it can help you.

What is the Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook pixel is a clever bit of code that sits on your website and reports back to your Facebook Ad Manager. There is a fantastic dashboard that supplies you with a whole bunch of analytics. The dashboard shows you how many unique visitors you’ve had to your website – and crucially, what their demographics are. That means you have a whole lot more advertising potential at your fingertips. But a word of warning. Setting up the pixel sells itself as being super easy – and sometimes it is. But there are times when the Facebook platform can make the process difficult – or the pixel just doesn’t operate as it should. In these cases, no matter how frustrated you feel, hang in there. Throwing a brick through your computer screen isn’t going to help matters – and neither is giving up. Because the Facebook Pixel is worth the effort.

Facebook Pixel retargeting

Re targeted adverts via the Facebook Pixel are literally the Holy Grail of Facebook ads. That’s because you can set up your adverts to remind folks that they visited your website – actually in their social media news feeds. That’s right. They visit your website, the cat knocks something over in the next room, and they leave their desk and forget they were on your website. But, they are not lost, because the next time they check their own social media profiles, an advert for your website and services will pop up, reminding them to finish what they started. Re targeting hits an already interested audience and steers them back to your website. You can even track conversions through the Facebook Pixel dashboard. Totally magic.

Custom audience creation

Creating a custom audience is standard practice through Facebook Ad Manager anyway, But when you have a Facebook pixel installed, you can create custom audiences based on the various pages they visit on your website. For example, if you run a mother and baby products website – and your blog proves popular, you can target your readers to visit your shop pages – not just the pages on your blog. Genius!

Create Lookalike audiences

We’ve heard that lookalike audiences can cause a bit of confusion – because the terminology sounds strange. But actually, creating lookalike audiences is a really great way to target people like your customers and fans, who simply haven’t discovered your services yet. Facebook Ads takes your existing demographics and targets people with the same interests, who haven’t yet discovered you. This is literally widening the net on your audience and ROI potential. Add Facebook Pixel to the mix and you have a super honed targeting tool that makes your adverts much more effective.

Keeping track of your conversions

The one-stop-shop that is the Facebook Pixel dashboard, even allows you to track the activity on your website and find out which page visits led to conversions. This is super important in terms of honing your website set-up because you can tweak things to direct customers to the landing page that encourages them to make use of your services.

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