Five ways to improve your Instagram ads

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Getting great organic reach on a platform like Instagram is incredibly satisfying. But it’s also getting more and more difficult to achieve that. Even brands that are killing it on Instagram, can only expect a growth rate of around 6%. That’s very frustrating if you are working hard to grow your brand and business.

Therefore, allocating a budget to promoting some of your posts through Instagram is a really good way to boost engagement and take some of the pressure off you as a user. Let’s face it, Instagram is great fun – but who, realistically, has the time to spend hours immersed in engaging with their audiences everyday? Unless you are a professional influencer or a social media manager, you usually have a lot of other things to do, like running your business.

So, here are five ways to improve your Instagram adverts and get them targeting your perfect audience.

Create a copycat audience

Creating a copycat audience is a really clever way of targeting a wider audience with data that you already have. It’s fairly simple to do because you already have the data from your current audience, who have engaged with you because they love what you have to offer. So creating a copycat audience simply widens the net.

Look closely at your current followers and make a list of common interests. Use those interests to create your advertising audience. You can also target your areas accordingly.

It sounds obvious, but study your insights. Find out which gender and age range is engaging most with your brand. Find out which areas are most fully engaged too. All these wonderful pieces of data are at your fingertips because your insights supply them. Make use of them.

Retargeting and the pixel

Set up the Facebook pixel and start gathering data on the audiences who visit your website. These are the people who are searching for your services on Google. So, targeting them with social media ads is a great way to remind them of your presence.

A common marketing fact is that someone must see your brand approximately five times, before they will consciously remember what it is. Therefore, don’t worry about being repetitive. Good old advertising blindness ensures they won’t even know you are spamming them until the tenth time your advert pops up.

Promote popular posts

Sometimes it feels a bit strange to promote a post that has a much more conversational feel to it. But if that post is doing well organically, it contains content that resonates with your audience. Therefore, it makes sense to promote that content. Sales posts are rarely popular. In fact, a general rule of thumb is to keep your newsfeed 85% conversational and a maximum of 15% sales content.

So it’s you’re a fashion brand, consider content that provides tips and inspiration, rather than the obvious ‘We have 50% off all stock today’ posts. Clearly, you’ll want to advertise your sales, and your audience will also want to know about discounts. But keep content varied – and promote your brand creatively, not just the discounts and sales.

Use the Call to action

It sounds obvious, right? But you’d be amazed how many people forget to add this. Ease of transaction is one of the reasons why Amazon is so successful. Therefore, make sure its easy for your audience to find your products or services via your promoted posts. Add a call to action in the post text section too.

And select the right kind of button. For example, we find that Learn More is often less confronting than a Buy Now button. People are more likely to click on it and browse your website. A direct shopping call to action on the other hand, can feel a bit too much like a hard sell.

Use different post formats

Content is getting more and more interactive. You only have to see how crazy interactive IG Stories is, and how well it’s taken off, to know that dynamic content always works better than a static image. Promote your video content – or create a carousel advert that conveys a message. It’s much more effective and attention-grabbing than an image someone can flick through.

Successful Instagram advertising

Ultimately, successful advertising on a platform like Instagram also needs to be honed over time. We would always advise caution in terms of budgets until you have a good idea which demographics are working best for you. Plan a small tester budget initially that you can monitor and track trends with. Run several types of adverts with different media and calls to action.

You’ll know what you’ve hit the golden buzzer. It might not happen first time. In fact, is probably won’t. But running a few adverts and monitoring their insights will help you continue to sharpen your targeting goals.

Seensocial is a social media agency based in Suffolk, that specialises in digital marketing, content creation, website design, website maintenance and SEO

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    I am curious to find out what blog platform you have been using? I’m experiencing some small security issues with my latest blog and I would like to find something more safe. Do you have any suggestions?

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      WordPress – it’s the best blog platform there is.

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