Why you need a social media calendar

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Social media calendar: Social media isn’t easy. Anyone who say it is, is either has someone else doing the hard work for them, or isn’t being honest. Managing your social media platforms properly, should be approached with the same serious and professional attitude that you have towards your actual business.

Social media planning

Your first step towards getting your social media in good shape, is to have a plan. At this point, we’ll assume you already have a good grasp of your audience and platform management tips and tricks. So the next stage is the content planning stage. One of the biggest reasons why social media platforms fail to thrive, is that the content that is posted, fails to resonate with audiences, and the timings of posts are out of sync with their audiences. That’s why it’s important to put a lot of thought into a) what you’ll be posting, and b) when it gets published – hence, a social media calendar.

Research and apply reach potential

A social media calendar isn’t just a list of posts that get scheduled. That’s only a part of the process. A social media calendar should contain all the information required to maximize the reach of each post. That means relevant hashtags to be included on each platform. It means the accounts you tag in on your content. It includes the optimum times to post your content. And, it provides inspirational ideas on keeping your content fresh.

Social media calendars keep content fresh

So often, when we talk to businesses struggling to keep up with their social media, one of the biggest complaints is; “It’s hard to keep coming up with fresh ideas.” This is true – and never more so when your ideas must appear from nowhere and be posted immediately because you don’t have any pre-scheduled content. It’s very difficult to pull a good quality post out of thin air and get is onto your platforms in time to meet your audience’s optimum times. You end up getting what we coin as ‘post fatigue.’ This manifests itself in a lack is creativity and an inability to see the exciting stories your business can offer. You don’t have to worry if you posted about chocolate brownies three days ago. You simply look at the pre-drafted schedule, and your content task will be clear.

Social media calendar prompts

One of the brilliant things about having a social media calendar to guide your content with, are the actual content prompts. For example, the calendar reminds you that your big event in two months time, needs to be highlighted now. It also reminds you that tomorrow is Earth Day – or Mother’s Day, or International Cookie Day. These prompts help you create interesting content that resonate with your audiences. That’s because national days of significance are recognisable to everyone – and your acknowledgement of that is a positive nod to your supporters. It also gives you the chance to open a conversation with them. For example; “What are you doing for Earth Hour? We’re going dark at 7pm. Share your activities with us.”

Management for all your platforms

While there is a degree of shareability amongst almost all platforms, posts rarely translate perfectly from one social media platform to another. For example, on Instagram, you can use 30 hashtags to maximise the visibility of your post. But on Facebook, if you use more than three hashtags, you organic reach will be squashed. The same goes for Twitter. And even if your Facebook page is linked to share content across to Twitter, if it’s not in a set format, it only gets shared as a link – which equals zero engagement.

Your social media calendar will have all the correct formats of your content. The text of the post and the hashtags you should be using (they are different on each platform – just to confuse you further) are all detailed. This takes the grind out of the process of scheduling to software like Hootsuite. It means that you can literally upload your visuals, copy and paste your all-important captions and hashtags, and set the time and date.

It also means that if your usual social media person is on holiday, or off sick for whatever reason, all the information is provided for them so there should be no breaks in your social platforms posting.

Suffolk social media services

At Seensocial we offer clients several services according to their specific requirements. If they have the resources to pre-schedule content, we provide the calendar for them to follow. If a client does not have the recources to create the content, we can manage that too with our team of creatives. They are experienced in creating beautiful, branded posts and video content for your social media platforms.

Additionally, we can manage your social interactions too. On platforms like Instagram, for example, the algorithm considers the amount of time it takes for you to respond to questions. This is an essential consideration if you are run off your feet most days, and only check your messages once the busy spell, is over.

For more information on our services, visit www.seensocial.co.uk

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