Suffolk Website Design: Three ways to speed up your website

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Suffolk Website Design: There are lots of ways to optimize your website, but only a handful of tricks will make a serious dent in your website loading time. Website loading time is crucial for a number of reasons. The faster your website loads, the better it is favoured by Google. This is a major consideration if your website is the mainstay of your business in terms of lead generation. So, read on for three essential tips to speed up your website.

Reduce the size of your images

Images can literally make or break a website. They are essential in website design, contributing to the look and feel of the website experience. But if those images are too large, they will add a huge amount of loading time to your website. In fact any image over 300kb in size, really has no business on a website.

But using smaller images isn’t the only trick. Some websites need to have images of excellent quality. A photography website, for example, needs to show off images to the very best advantage, without using up too much space. This means that images need to be crisp and punchy – but not still small. You can optimise your images in photoshop prior to uploading them to your media gallery. This is always your first port of call if you are dealing with larger pictures. In Photoshop, you can also remove the image file elements, which helps them to be squashed down further.

Once you’ve processed your images in Photoshop, and you are happy with the file sizes, you can upload a WordPress plugin that further reduces your images without compromising the quality. We like Smush. We also like Auto-optimize and most hosts also offer their own optimization plugins that reduce image file sizes.

Use a Content Delivery Service

A CDN or content delivery network is especially important if your website is e-commerce based. The CDN basically ensures that all the pieces of your wesbite are uploaded at the same time, rather than in sequence, wherever and delivered to viewer, wherever in the world they might be situated. This makes it perfect for drop shipping websites too.

You can opt for a paid-for service – we like Cloudflare, run by Siteground. Or, you can use a free version which has less bells and whistles, but can still speed up the delivery of your website. Generally, only large websites and e-commerce websites benefit from the paid-for service of a CDN.

Experiment with your Cache

A good cache system can really make or break the speed of your website. There are lots of plugins you can try, from WP Fastest Cache to Rocket Cache to Autoptimize. most are good. But before installing a plugin on your website, always check to see that it’s compatible with your version of WordPress. Next, look at the number of users and reviews. Only opt for a tried and tested Plugin.

Finally, set it up properly in the settings section of the plugin, paying attention to the Javascript , HTML and CSS options. Every plugin is different, and not all plugins are compatible. So a Cache that promises to make your website rocket fast, may not give the results is promises. Try several and keep testing it.

Experience counts

Speeding up your website can be a frustrating and time-consuming business. It takes time and experience to get it right. If you persevere and get it right, it can have a big impact on the amount of traffic that visits your website. One thing that’s important to bear in mind, is that a website that has been set up poorly from the start, will be tricky and time-consuming to fix. It’s always better to get it right from the start, that to try and solve problems later on. This is particularly true when it comes to images.

Suffolk Website Design services

At Seensocial Suffolk website design, creating websites for businesses is one of our favourite pastimes. There is nothing more satisfying than delivering a well functioning, responsive website that reflects and exceeds the vision of the client. We are based on the Suffolk/Norfolk boarder, and therefore enjoy a wide variety of clients in East Anglia. Contact us today for more information on our prices and services.

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