Does my business need social media marketing?

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Does my business need social media marketing? We hear this question quite frequently, especially from people who don’t use social media personally.

We get it. You don’t like living your life online. It doesn’t seem like a good idea, considering Google already tracks your every move through your mobile phone.

But seriously, using social media to establish more business is essential these days. Older marketing methods are swiftly dying a death. And your customers will soon follow suit if you don’t up your marketing game and appeal to a younger generation. The other thing is, it’s never too late to start your social media marketing.

If you do think you are too late to the party, think again. Yes, it’s going to take you a while to build up your audience. But you have an advantage in that you will have to learn all the new tricks of the trade to get started. A more established brand will probably be resting on their established audience laurels, and not making full use of the brand new bells and whistles social media has to offer.

Which social media platform should I choose?

That’s a good question – because there are so many to consider, and you seriously need to think about your level of commitment to each one. There is nothing worse than a potential client scouting you out and discovering a tumble-weed quiet Twitter feed that was set up, but never gets any action.

Look at the type of business you run, do your research and pick three platforms that best suit your potential audience. Facebook is a must. LinkedIn is perfect for B2B. Instagram is essential for luxury items and consumer brands. Pinterest is a good platform for SEO (search engine optimization for your website) and YouTube provides a great platform for advertising.

Post relevant social media content – but don’t be boring about it

Yes, it’s important to post about your brand and business. But, social media is called ‘social’ for a reason. Endless image of items in your shop, and nothing else, will be rather bland and won’t elicit much attention. Instead, you need to be sociable and show the human side behind your business. She Facebook Live videos and stories. Post videos from other pages that are relevant to your industry. Post images of your staff, with relevant captions about your current activities.

More than anything else, social media is voyeuristic. It’s success – and yours, depends on how much you involve your audience in your work, using the personal touch.

Post social media content regularly

Frankly, this is where so many businesses fall down on their social media. They take to their platforms with gusto, only for the content to tail off once business picks up and they get busy. A social media platform that is neglected, looks bad. If you start a page, make a commitment to post on it several times a week at least. Once a day is preferable. Twice a day and you’re entering the realms of social media mogul…

It’s not easy, finding something relevant to say every day, sometimes twice daily. So invest some time in creating a social media calendar for your business. This calendar should include all the annual events and holidays as well as dedicated days (Earth Day/Mother’s Day/Poppy Day etc) throughout the year, so you can simply look at your calendar in advance and pre schedule appropriate content that will automatically go to your newsfeed at the correct times.

Perfect your social media online profiles

This includes all the nitty gritty details like the format of your address. If you are on Google My Business, for example, the format of the address that you use should be copied from that and used exactly as written, to all your online business profiles and accounts. This is what we call a good SEO tip.

Secondly, fill out the profiles correctly, making use of all the information boxes and opportunities to feature images and details. Did you know, for example, that Facebook can be hooked up to both Twitter and Instagram? Yes. You can post to Instagram and share that post on Facebook automatically. You can also link you Facebook to Twitter, so that anything you post on Facebook will be shared on your Twitter account. This is very labour-friendly. However, it’s worth noting that just because your Instagram post was shared to your Facebook page, That doesn’t mean it will appear on Twitter. The Twitter share option only works through direct posting to Facebook, and so on.

Maintain enthusiasm for your social media profiles

Don’t give up because you don’t gain lots of followers in a week. Social media is a slow burn – and it’s hard work to generate engagement organically. In fact, on platforms such as Facebook, it’s now almost impossible to grow your audience without making use of the advertising. But that’s okay. If you’re saving money on newspaper advertising, you can put it into your Facebook/LinkedIn and Instagram adverts instead.

With a little extra study into the Facebook insights and demographics, you’ll soon be creating a buzz through your adverts. But most of all, be patient. It takes at least six months to start creating an active audience on social media – and that’s only after a lot of hard work, consistent posting and research.

Suffolk social media services with Seensocial

We are an established social media marketing agency based in Eye, Suffolk. We began working in digital media in 2013, and have seen a lot of changes along the way. Our experience means we can easily advise you on the best course of action for your business. We can provide you with consulting reports and insights into the best platforms and strategies to employ for your business. If you need help with your website design, we also have expert resources and services. Blogging, content creation, SEO and digital media in general, is our passion. Contact us today for a quotation.


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