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Seensocial Suffolk: THREE SEO essentials for every website: There is a definite honeymoon period and sense of great excitement every time a new website for a business enterprise is launched. And that’s great. We understand how it’s a relief to have the website live and representing your business in the vast, digital commerce jungle.

Then, there is often a period of disappointment, as the leads and sales don’t automatically come flooding in. Expectation is not met. Why is it that the website isn’t bringing in business?

The answer to that of course, is a very long one. It involves marketing strategies, social media, lots of technical jargon, like conversion rates and analytics – and good old SEO.

SEO basically stand for Search Engine Optimisation. If your website hasn’t been optimised in three main ways right from the start, you will have a battle on your hands to market it at all. So, here are the top three essential elements EVERY successful website has, which makes it marketable.

1) SEO essentials: Good security and an SSL

If you’ve heard the term SSL certificate and felt slightly baffled, you are not alone. Every online website requires an SSL certificate, if you want it to rank properly in Google. The SSL certificate basically makes your website a secure place to do business. An SSL certificate is a piece of script added to your site to secure it against viruses and hacking of the most basic kind. Websites with SSL certificates can still be hacked. But, Google considers them a much safer bet and will favour them over non-secure sites.

How do I get an SSL? Well, you can buy them from independent sellers – but them you have to install them on your website… That’s not a great option if you are not particularly. So, the best way to get an SSL is to make sure your website is hosted with a reputable company – which will usually offer a free SSL as part of the annual hosting fee.

 2) SEO essentials: Make sure your website is fast

A fast loading speed is vitally important if your website is to be favoured over other websites that are competitors to your business. Literally, the fastest website will often be ranked above other websites, even if the content on them is not as high quality. You can make sure your website if fast by doing several things. First of all, don’t overload it with large images. Image files over a certain size will act like rocks on the back of a racing car. They will stop your website from opening fast. Google penalizes websites that open in more than two seconds. You don’t have much of a window for error here.

There are lots of ways to speed optimise your website – especially if it’s a WordPress site. Visit our blog on speeding up your website to find out more.

You can test your website on a number of online website tools. We favour Google Page Speed insights, Pingdom and GT Metrix for accurate information and directions on speed optimisation.

3) SEO essentials: A regularly updated blog

Adding fresh content to your website on a regular basis shows Google that you’re are engaged with your digital business platform. Through a blog, you can add vital keywords to your website. The more keywords you add, and the more outbound links you can create, give your website greater visibility in the search engines. A blog that is updated once a week with a 500 word entry, is not an unrealistic goal to make.

Seensocial Suffolk website management and digital marketing

Of course, there are lots of essential elements required by websites to ensure digital success. If you are launching a product or service, for example, a marketing strategy is essential in drawing more traffic to your website. You’ll also need to log visitors, and if possible, have an oline CRM that collects data. But all those points are for later posts.

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