SEVEN social media resolutions for the New Year

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SEVEN social media resolutions for the new year: Well, 2020 is now upon us, and most of us are thinking about getting back to work. Indeed, some of us are already back in the office hotseat, busily planning the year ahead. If you run a business and you want to make changes this year, why not make a series of new year’s resolutions for your strategy for 2020?

So many of us make personal resolutions (that we fail to keep). But, if you really want to change your progress and business in 2020, we recommend you ditch the fad diets and promises to quit partying and focus on your work life instead. The better your business is going, the freer time you’ll have for you. So, a resolution applied to your business, it a double whammy when it comes to creating results. Read on for our top marketing tips for the new year.


  • Social Media resolution 1: Create a social media calendar

This is one of the biggest changes you can make to your marketing plan – and it’s totally worth the pain of the initial planning. Social media calendars give you a framework on which to work for the year ahead. They contain all the important dates and events throughout the year, and give you tips and pointers on the types of content to schedule. A social media calendar provides your team with a clear direction on the content they need to be generating and posting every day. So start one today, put the work in and do the research on the types of posts that will get you the biggest engagement.


  • Social Media resolution 2: Blog regularly

So often, companies take to their blogs like a duck to water – and then the enthusiasm wanes after a few weeks or months. Blogging is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Not only does it result in your website being better populated with keywords and outbound links, but it also lets your customers know that you’d fully in touch with your industry and you always have something to say.

Blogging also provides content that you can share on social media, thus bringing more clicks through to your website. Try your best to blog once a week. If you can’t manage it that often, add a blog as often as you can – at least once a month. Outsourcing your blog can be an option if you are too busy to manage it yourself. There are lots of great services out there what will provide you with relevant content, which contains your vital and links to boost the SEO scores on your website.


  • Social Media resolution 3: Get your website a health check

If your website is old and hasn’t had much maintenance, chances are, it could do with a refresh. That could mean updating the look, or just tweaking the back end to fine tune the speed at which it uploads. The speed of your website is incredibly important. If it loads in more than two seconds, it will be bumped down the Google rankings.

Simple changes like updating the cache system can make a huge difference. Equally, changes to the way the images load – or even the image sizes that have been used, can make a big difference in terms of how fast your website loads. Perhaps you haven’t checked on the back linking either? If your website is linked to sites of poor quality, which can happen with cheaper SEO services, you could be lower in the rankings than you should be. Either way, a website health check is essential if you want to find out why your site isn’t at the top of the listings.


  • Social Media resolution 4: Email marketing

If you have an email database, but you aren’t touching base with your clients on a regular basis, this could be one of the major reasons why your business isn’t bringing in as many leads as it should or could. Get your email marketing system revamped and organised. Reach out to your database of contacts on a regular basis. Once a month is perfect. More often than that and you could be considered spam. Use a system like Mail Chimp that gathers information and also provides you with a sound platform from which to contact your clients.


  • Social Media resolution 5: Start using better quality content

This is a very important one, because the type of content you share will directly affect your interactions on social media. If you don’t yet use video, it’s important to get on that band wagon. Platforms such a Facebook and Instagram, as well as LinkedIn and Twitter, favour video content. Not only that, but each platform favours different types of vide content. For example, if you have a video of over three minutes long, Facebook will often use that video content to host adverts in your posts. This can generate income for you – which is especially important for smaller businesses and charities.


  • Social Media resolution 6: Make better use of your social media platforms

Very often, small businesses get fixated on the two main platforms, Instagram and Facebook. This is rather than investigating other social media options. Have you ever considered that LinkedIn could be the most efficient way to market your business rather than running Facebook ads? Or, perhaps you could work on developing your presence on YouTube, if you have a good amount of video content. Another great way to maximise your social media presence with by using scheduling software. This enables you to load all your content into one place – and then posts it at optimum times.


  • Social Media resolution 7: Stick to your new social regime

Once you have put all the structures in place to manage your new digital marketing drive. Make sure you stick to it. If that means taking on an additional body part time to manage it for you, make the investment. Ultimately, your marketing brings in business. If you are not bringing in business, you might as well not be functioning at all. So, although the initial investment of additional manpower hurts at first, you’ll be glad you did come the end of the year.


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