Website design and re-design: Five things you need to know

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Website design Suffolk: Websites go out of fashion quite fast and like any visual industry, trends are continually changing. That means that the beautiful website you invested in five years ago, will be looking a little tired today. If your website is an e-commerce venture, your decision to keep it updated should be a priority.

Studies show us that websites toting older and less fashionable layouts and designs, are actually trusted less when it comes to customers parting with their hard-earned cash online. You can hardly fault them for this though, as perceptions regarding updated security goes hand-in-hand with how well the website has been kept maintained style-wise.

And getting your website updated (it its built in the right way) should not be quite as expensive as your initial outlay was. So, here are five things to consider when deciding to get your website updated.

  • Find the right website designer

If you’re happy to work with the person or company who designed your initial website – especially if it was in WordPress, that’s a convenient decision. The reason for this is that your original designer will understand exactly how your current site works, as well as all the quirks. They will also understand the theme that’s been used, and will be able to tell you if a simple polish and brush up on colours will be enough, or if you need to start with a fresh WordPress theme. Themes can get outdated – and can also go out of favour. Once you are no longer able to update them, it can cause problems with plugin updates and with WordPress updates too.

  • Does your website design still reflect your business?

Think about your audience now. Are they older/younger as opposed to five years ago? How much have the demographics changed? Have your services changed too? Are those changes adequately represented on your current, out of date web design? These days, making sure the website is easy to navigate, is a huge priority. Customers want to know prices, descriptions and reviews as soon as they bounce onto your e-commerce pages. Perhaps when you first started up, you had a different vision in terms of your business direction. But companies have an organic growth pattern that can deviate quite far away from original plans. So ask yourself, is your website easy to use? Is it offering your biggest customer demographic what they want immediately? And, does it represent the business you run now, as opposed to five years ago?

Look at other websites that are in your industry. Look at your biggest competitors and take notes on how their online presence works. If they are a big company, they will have invested heavily on their website’s look and feel. That’s a great lesson for you to take from them. Check out the functionality of their website and the way they lay it out. Chances are, now you’ve been in business awhile,  you will have a much better idea regarding how things need to be. When  businesses first set out, things like websites are built on a budget in the hope that when the funds roll in, a revamp can be sorted out. This is your chance to totally change the way your online presence works for you.

  • Consider your website speed

Your older website may well be suffering from speed issues, which is another very good reason to get it revamped, spring cleaned and re-launched. A slow website will knock you down through the search engine rankings. If you are an e-commerce business, that’s going to have a very detrimental effect on your livelihood. Make sure you add ‘speeding up’ the website as part of your redesign remit.

  • Be prepared to pay for a decent website designer

If you’ve already invested heavily in your website, the outlay for a revamp probably won’t be as expensive as you think. But if you’ve done things on the cheap, expect a total rebuild to be the order of the day. Good websites cost money. Good designers charge a lot for their time for good reason. And your website functionality and look  is definitely NOT something you should be scrimping on. Equally though, be discerning when it comes to cost.  If you have a big budget to spend, don’t just go for the most expensive option, thinking it will be better. Ask smaller agencies for quotations and look at their website portfolios for more information. If they have built successful websites along the lines of your requirements, select them for those reasons.

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