Essential tips to a better Instagram feed

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Essential tips to a better Instagram feed: Do you use Instagram on a daily basis? Is it part of your social media marketing strategy? If so well done. Instagram is one of the most prominent platforms for advertising products and services on social media.

However, it’s certainly not a walk in the park, and since Facebook bought out Instagram in 2014, we’ve seen a marked decline in post reach and interaction on all newsfeeds. Making waves on Instagram isn’t as easy as it used to be. These days you need to plan your content carefully and make sure your handling of Instagram is actually helping to boost your post reach.

If you are struggling with your interactions declining? Are your posts getting fewer and fewer likes and profile visits? You are not alone. But there are a few good strategies that can help you boost your Instagram feed and get back some of those great results of old.

Tweak Instagram feed content

It sounds obvious, but when people post daily because it’s a duty more than a pleasure, they don’t always share they kids of images that will resonate well with their audiences. Basically, make sure that the images you share are the types of posts your audience naturally loves. If your followers are mainly friends, images about your daily life and adventures will resonate well with them. Of course, if you are plugging a business, even if it’s a family business, sharing some pictures and video of your work life is essential. But make it personal. Make the viewer feel involved with the story. Put yourself in the situation of your followers. Would you be interested in the image or footage you are posting? If so, go for it. Use this rule of thumb every time you post.

Pick an Instagram content genre

Select the areas you are interested in and good at – and post about them. For example, if you are a whizz at decorating cupcakes, make that your main point of interest. If your speciality is travelling, share those experiences. But don’t try to share everything – otherwise your profile will become cluttered and confused and your fans will lose interest in your posts as you add content that doesn’t peak their interest.

Select your Instagram style

Have a goal in terms of your Instagram profile look and feel. Perhaps its as simple as using a favourite filter on every single one of your images. Perhaps it’s the way you arrange and edit your posts. Some profiles, for example, choose a pattern. Four image posts, one quote of the day. Stick to that regimen so your profile post looks slick and orderly. If your Instagram profile simply consists of a lot of mis-matched images with no structure, it’s going to be a lot less appealing to visitors.

Have you been using Instagram for a while, yet only have a handful of followers to show for it? Do you rarely receive likes and comments on your photos?

Use Instagram hashtags correctly

Hashtags are really useful in terms of getting your images out to more people. But use them well. Currently Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. Some experts say you shouldn’t use that many, other Instagrammers disagree, There’s no simple magic bullet here. But there are a few guildelines you can follow to have better results.

  • Don’t use the same hashtags for every image. Mix them up
  • Only use relevant hashtags for your image.
  • Do your research. See which images are doing well on hashtags relevant to your content.

Don’t post all the time

Post consistently and regularly – but don’t inundate your followers newsfeeds with your images. You will annoy them and this will result in you being unfollowed. We experienced an example of this recently when a few pre-school nurseries became active on Instagram. One of our clients, a theatre agency dealing with children’s shows, started to follow the nurseries. However, when it came to scrolling through the news feeds, some accounts had posted 10 to 15 images in a single day. It was too much and the result was an resounding unfollow of those accounts.

The general rule of thumb is to post no more than four times per day. And actually once a day or even once every two days once your account has a lot of strong activity, is just perfect.

Post in a timely fashion

What we mean by that is, check when your accounts are most active and plan your posts as best you can at those times. This makes a huge difference in terms of how much interaction each post will get. You will instantly notice a boost in Likes and profile visits if you post at the optimum times

Interact every day

This is something we can’t emphasize enough. Interaction and talking to your followers socially on Instagram is so important in terms of increasing engagement. Aim to interact well for at least 30 minutes per day. This might seem like a lot of time to dedicate to scrolling through and liking images – but it should be so much more than that. If you simply spent 30 minutes liking every post in your newsfeed in an automated fashion, it won’t help your cause. So be natural about it. Set your alarme for 30 minutes and scroll through and engage genuinely. If you don’t like an image, don’t engage with it. If you really like some content, add a proper comment. And we’re not just talking an smile emoji or ‘excellent!’ because the Instagram algorithm picks up on spammy comments like that and may squash your reach further.

The key here is to be genuine. Add a long comment of ten words or more. And respond to other comments that have been made. Be genuinely sociable – because that’s the aim of Instagram

Use all the Instagram facilities

If you haven’t used Instagram stories yet – you need to get on the case. It’s brilliant in terms of interactions and getting your story seen. Another great feature is Instagram TV. This is used less frequently – and because Instagram is keen for more use, it gives IG TV better reach. Use that opportunity to promote your brand.

Connect your social platforms

If you haven’t done this already, share your Instagram posts to your Facebook newsfeed – and the stories too. This instantly gets your content seen by a much wider audience and it’s so easy to do. Not only, it cuts down on you having to post on both newsfeeds. We would advise though, if you’ve used a lot of hashtags, to edit you Instagram post on facebook once it’s been copied across. This is because Facebook hashtags work differently to Instagram ones – and any more than three or four hashtags on a Facebook post will severely limit it’s reach.

Seensocial creative content for serious marketeers

Good social media content takes time and energy to create, but it’s worth the effort when the results flood in. If you struggle to keep up a steady flow of creative content – from images and graphics to video and animations, contact us today and ask about our creative content packages. Because we are based in Suffolk, with representatives in Ipswich and beyond, we can offer your business the personal touch when if comes to creating beautiful content for your marketing.

We are experts at providing top quality, innovative content for your brand. We won’t, like many content creation companies, simply re-hash old posts from your news feed and charge you a fortune for it. We actually aim to totally revamp your social media content so that your audience is wowed and engaged when they see your posts.

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