FIVE reasons why you need professional promo videos

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Five reasons why you need professional promo videos: Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past decade, the internet obsession with video content can’t possibly have escaped your notice. It’s big news now – really big news. And what’s more, anyone who’s anyone is doing it. Let us explain. About seven years ago, when video content on social media channels was considered edgy and progressive, everyone was crazy for branded memes. Images with quotes, funny jokes and so on. That was all that was required to get crazy engagement on your social posts – and to grow your audience.

Promo videos get better reach on social media

These days, the challenge is that much harder. For a start, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have totally stifles their organic reach in the newsfeeds. This is of course entirely on purpose, so that marketeers must buy adverts to get their products and services seen. However, if you make use of all the latest features on these platforms, such as IG TV, video posting on the newsfeeds, and the stories platforms, you can still achieve reasonable reach.

The other benefit is that video still gets better reach organically than a static image – no matter how powerful that image might be. So, swapping those graphics for some video footage is a great idea and a way to get your message to a wider audience.

Audience expectations are higher than they used to be

If you want to capture audience attention these days, it needs to be with a moving picture – ie, video. Humans, since being introduced to social media, have suffered from an attention span deficit, and now, it often takes a powerful video to halt a newsfeed scroller in their tracks.

Just check through your own social newsfeeds for a period of five minutes and note how many videos you have scrolled through in that time. It doesn’t matter if it’s about food, or animal rescues – or sports blunders – the fact is that video very often goes viral, whereas images these days, just don’t.

So, you need to put your content out there in a fresh and new format that captures the imagination too. And you need to do it in a way that makes it even more eye-catching than the millions of other videos being uploaded on a minute by minute basis. That’s quite a big ask.

Promo videos that tell a story

The first thing you need to consider is the promo video story you want to engage your audience with. You may snort and say your service doesn’t have a story, but, you’d be wrong. There is a story to be found in every aspect of a person, place or thing. And to sell the product or service, you need to find it. That might seem like a crazy and impossible task, but once you set your mind to it. You will suddenly discover all sorts of story strands emerging from your business service.

Promo videos need a call to action

You’ve probably heard this phrase so many times when strategizing over social media content. But what exactly does it mean? A call to action is basically a directive to your audience to engage with your content. For example, if you sell fish, your call to action could be: Are you eating enough fish? It’s a simple enough aspect to explain – but when you are planning your promo video, you need to make sure your call to action is strong enough to divert the attention of your audience towards your content – and not so weak that it results in the scrolling on by, past your promo video.

Video production quality matters

While some of the most viral content on the net is from shaky home videos snapped on phones, don’t make the mistake of thinking your product or service could benefit from the same poor quality footage. It’s vitally important that the footage you use to demonstrate the brand, look and feel of your product or service, is high quality. You can create this type of footage by hiring a videography team – and if your budget allows for that type of project, then go for it. However, many SMEs and smaller businesses don’t have the budget to operate on that type of level. So, what are your options?

Use high quality stock video

One of the reasons why our clients love our promo video production so much, is that we source and create high quality videos for their brands, using appropriate stock footage. Stock video footage, provided by a production agency, it definitely the more economical what to have a high quality video promo produced, that is suitable for online content. If your videos cost less, you can produce more of them. If you can produce more of them, your online audience engages better with your content – and therefore, your brand.

Promo video length

Consider the length of video footage that will work well for your campaigns. Facebook, for example. Has recently changed their policies on promoted posts and adverts for video content. While you can still boost posts for a particular reach and demographic, you will get better results if you run your videos as in-stream adverts (that is, video ads that run within a longer video post.

In-stream video adverts need to be between five and 15 seconds long. That’s not much time to impart a message or sell a product, so your video advert needs to very eye-catching and memorable. Alternatively, you can seek the longer video content approach. Essentially, Facebook has now offered videos of three minutes or more in length, much bigger organic reach. A video of three minutes or longer, can be used by the in-stream video adverts function.Facebook will push your longer video out to a wider audience. This is because the video advert streamed within it, requires it to be viewed by a certain-sized audience.

Promo video services for small businesses

Seensocial offers several video packages that perfectly suit the emerging business market. Make sure you visit our page on video promos – available through our People Per Hour services. We are based in Suffolk. Seensocial offers remote services. See one of our recent videos below and visit our YouTube channel for more info.


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